What I do

Community Outreach & Public Process

When done well, community process results in a better-informed decision, broader and deeper support for the outcomes and the ability to implement a solution or project so that it is truly embraced by its stakeholders. I can help you to engage successfully with stakeholders by providing good groundwork, preparing supporting information in ways that are relevant and meaningful, and by providing strong facilitation structures.

Strategic Planning

Knowing who you are and what you do is only half the battle when trying to sustain or grow an organizational vision. Having a clear plan for making key decisions as you come to various crossroads can make a big difference. I can help you define your organization’s direction, and develop a roadmap for how to best allocate your resources and pursue a particular course of action to realize that vision.

Communications Planning

There is both an art and a science to reaching the audiences you care most about. I can help you rethink who to target, when to reach out to them, and design the kinds of messages that most resonate for those you need to communicate with effectively.

Video Production

I work with non-profits, organizations, businesses and others who are looking for innovative and compelling ways to tell their stories digitally. Working with a stable of some of the brightest young talents in video to shoot and edit your projects, I have a growing list of happy clients.

As a former economic development and government geek, I particularly enjoy bringing to life stories that are often told in – well, I’ll just say it – a predictable, uninspired way. Let me help you tell your community or organization’s story in a way that gets everyone else as inspired as you are every day doing the work you do.

Government Affairs

Responsible advocacy ensures that the voice of an organization is heard such that it can help influence the actions and policies of government from the local, state and/or federal levels. I can help initiate, prepare, interpret and review relevant government actions, and help clients reach those who can most benefit from this kind of dialogue and information sharing.